Another popular online game is the game known as Snake. This is a very simple online gain wherein the player’s main role is to move the snake around the rectangular space and let it eat the fruits that appear in the field. In addition to that the player should make sure that it does not crash because when this happens, the game will definitely be over.

When playing the game snake, there are two available options to choose from: the survival mode and the adventure mode. In the survival mode, the player should make sure that he survives as much as possible.

He should see to it that he gains more points by eating all the fruits that will appear on screen especially those fruits which only appear for a limited period of time because they provide bigger bonus points.

By eating more fruits and gaining more points, the snake will become much longer, and therefore, the player should make sure that it does not crash so that it will not reach a game over. However, when it becomes very long, a crash becomes inevitable and when this happens, all that you have to do is play the game again.

On the other hand, the adventure mode is a little different because here there are twenty levels and you may only proceed to the next level once you complete the level before it. In each level, there is a certain goal (number of fruits to eat) which every player must accomplish to be able to succeed.

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