Snake Game

When looking for a game online, perhaps the perfect game for you is the snake. It is best played in your free time especially when you are bored and have nothing worthwhile to do. This game is very simple. The main objective is for the player to allow the snake to eat the fruits and grow as much as it can without crashing.

Although it is easy to understand, it has its share of challenge. Because once it grows longer, it will become much more difficult for the player to allow the snake to go about the rectangular field.

When playing this game, the players are given the option to choose which mode they are willing to play, either the survival mode or the adventure mode. In the survival mode, the player’s main task is to eat as much fruit as it can especially those which appear for a few seconds only because they have much higher points to offer.

As the game progresses, the snake will eventually become longer, therefore, the player must make sure that it does not crash so that it will not come to a game over. On the other hand, in the adventure mode, players are tasked to hit all of the given targets per level.

All the targets should be achieved first within the given time limit so that the player can advance to the next level. If the player is not able to do so, then the game will now be over.

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